Executive Director’s Message

Teamwork, Collaboration,  and Smart Goals

by Mary Burroughs, SCBA Executive Director
Mary and Jason_for ED article s
SCBA Executive Director Mary Burroughs with Jason Jasmine, SCBA 2016 Secretary/Treasurer

With teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. This is what has been happening with the Sacramento County Bar Association (SCBA) over the past three years that I have served as the Executive Director—teamwork with the SCBA staff, Board of Directors, and membership, and collaboration with the SCBA programs, sections, committees, divisions, and affiliates. The SCBA is moving forward at an amazing pace. We have been setting smart goals that have been vital to the SCBA’s growth and achieving these goals one by one. It is the bridge between desiring an outcome and then seeing the idea become a reality.

Another goal realized—the SCBA is moving into new offices in January 2016. With this move comes the ability for the SCBA to have our own “Meeting Center” where our programs, sections, committees, divisions, and affiliates can hold their luncheons, mixers, and happy hour minglings. We will even be able to host daylong MCLE educational training seminars, plus a variety of other events.

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