Looking at the Calendar

by Heather Cline Hoganson

As you read this, March Madness has started as well as spring training. Like sports? SCBA has a new opportunity for you. We are creating a new division, The Movers, to help connect you to the various runs, walks, and rides in the Sacramento area. The SCBA is also in the process of formalizing a Sports & Leisure Committee to officially run the Golf Tournament (scheduled for Friday, May 20), organize the SCBA Softball League, and prepare an SCBA run/walk.  Let the SCBA office know if you’d be interested in these ways to burn calories and have fun.

While sweating is good, sweating for a charity cause can be even more fulfilling.  (Kudos to all who came out for the Race for Justice Valentine Fun Run benefitting Legal Services of Northern California on February 13.) With that in mind, we are researching more ways that our members can engage in charitable activities easily. Stay tuned for further details. In the meantime, keep May 3rd, the next Big Day of Giving, circled on your calendar.

March 13 brings one of my bugaboos – daylight saving time begins. In fact, the cancellation of daylight saving time is in the top dozen of my “If I were Emperor” list items (other topics include printing all drink prices on menus if food prices are listed, no spitting in baseball, and getting rid of the 9/10 of a penny price allowed for gasoline – just round up to the nearest cent!). If you have better ideas for things that should be, or want to cancel crazy suggestions from people like me, perhaps participating in the SCBA Delegation to the Conference of California Bar Association is for you. This mechanism for legislative change currently counts over two dozen volunteer bar associations among its delegations. In the last several years, the SCBA Delegation has emerged as a leader, proposing numerous resolutions that have been approved by the Conference and then turned into bills, many of which have become law. Contact SCBA Delegation Chair Andi Liebenbaum if you want to get involved to legislatively eliminate your bugaboos in California law.

My cousin does a lot of genealogy research, so I know that I have branches of my family tree from Dublin and Cork, Ireland. That makes celebrating St. Patrick’s Day (an admittedly American Irish tradition) on March 17th an easy call and gives me the chance to wish you all the following: May your Troubles be Less and your Blessings be More and Nothing but Happiness Come through your Door.


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