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Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 3.54.32 PMby Vicki Jacobs

Vicki Jacobs
Vicki Jacobs is the Managing Attorney of the Voluntary Legal Services Program. She can be contacted at vjacobs@vlsp.org.

At long last, the Voluntary Legal Services Program is pleased to announce that our new website is up and ready for business. Please visit www.vlsp.org to see the latest news of the free legal services we provide to low income Sacramento area residents as well as volunteer opportunities available for Sacramento area legal professionals to do pro bono work. Given that our prior website had not been completely updated since 2003, our website is now compatible with mobile devices to make us more accessible to both prospective clients and volunteers.

An updated volunteer application is ready for new volunteers or for existing volunteers who want to update their information with us. If you want to update your contact information, or express interest in a new type of pro bono opportunity, please do not hesitate to complete a new online application. Included, for example, on our new website is the opportunity to sign up for our newest project, our monthly Estate Planning Clinic.

Our new website was launched in time for our participation in the 2017 Big Day of Giving, which is a social media-driven project of the Sacramento Region Community Foundation that raised over seven million dollars for 600 nonprofits in the Sacramento region in May. Thank you to those members of the Sacramento legal community who supported VLSP in our first time participating in the Big Day. Now, if VLSP can catch up with social media and have at least a Facebook page, we’ll be able to participate more fully in next year’s Big Day of Giving. Stay tuned!

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