Russell Austin The SCBA’s 2017 Distinguished Attorney

  by  J. Scott Alexander The SCBA has selected Russell J. Austin as its 2017 Distinguished Attorney of the Year. A third-generation native Californian, born and raised in the Los Angeles area, Russell J. Austin earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in history at UC Santa Barbara. In his senior year, he pursued a year-long... Continue Reading →

Steve Boutin: The “Well Deserved” Recipient of the SCBA’s 2015 Distinguished Attorney of the Year Award

by Ellen Arabian-Lee The SCBA has selected Steve Boutin as its 2015 Distinguished Attorney of the Year. The overwhelming community response is that the award is “well deserved.” Steve really could not help but become an attorney—it is in his blood. He is, along with his brother Peter, a 4th generation lawyer in his family. His... Continue Reading →

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