2017 – A Year of Firsts

by Sabrina L. Thomas The SCBA concluded the first half of 2017 with many accomplishments. We introduced several new programs and our sections offered members over 15 different MCLE programs. We successfully launched the first SCBA Kids Law Day at William Land Park Elementary School and Father Keith B. Kinney K-8. Many thanks to the... Continue Reading →

A Season of Thanks

Thank you to our members, volunteers, board of directors, staff, and friends for making this a very productive and wonderful year for the SCBA Our Editor-in-Chief has assigned me the most impossible job ever: Summarize this highly productive SCBA year, but in 400 words or less. Let’s see…. We have a NEW website—a beautiful, top-notch,... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Public Service Not only a duty, it’s our obligation 

“Certainly, life as a lawyer is a bit more complex today than it was a century ago. The ever-increasing pressures of the legal marketplace, the need to bill hours, to market to clients, and to attend to the bottom line, have made fulfilling the responsibilities of community service quite difficult. But public service marks the... Continue Reading →

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